Oakwood Cookery School

Kids Parties

Kids love getting creative in the kitchen and we offer various different party packages to suit everyone.  All our parties are suitable for primary 1's and upwards with a minimum of 8 and maximum of 12 attending each party.  We deal with all the preparation, running the party and all the cleaning up afterwards – no stress or strain for the party organisers, sounds good doesn’t it?!


Cupcake Party, ages primary 1 +

Our most popular party it is easy to see why, cupcakes appeal to everyone.  This party lasts 2 hours with the kids making 6 cupcakes each from scratch, whilst the cakes are baking the party organisers take along some drinks and nibbles to keep the kids amused whilst the cakes are in the oven for 20 minutes or so.  Once the break is over its back to the fun party of decorating the cupcakes with colourful buttercream and lots of sprinkles.  Each child will leave with a box of 6 beautiful cupcakes in a presentation box which we provide.  This is priced at £12.50 per person.   

Unicorn Cupcake Party, ages 8+

We have recently started offering our unicorn cupcake party package.  It has a similar format to our cupcake party – but we get a bit more adventurous & make use some fondant to create some horns and ears to adorn our rainbow swirled cake.  This is priced at £14.00 per head.

Pizza Party, ages 7+

Fancy something a bit less sweet then join us for a pizza party.  We get busy making dough, working our muscles whilst we knead it and then aim to create the perfect pizza shape.  We flavour our tomato sauce and then decide what toppings we want to put on our pizza.  Whilst that is baking we get busy making a wee chocolate stuffed calzone for dessert.  The kids then sit at the end of the class and eat their goodies along with juice which we provide.  Party organisers are welcome to take along any extra nibbles if you would like.  This party also lasts 2 hours and costs £15.00 per head.

Teens Mini Cook and Dine, ages 11+

We have recently started offering our teens mini cook and dine party package.  During this class the teens are hands on usually making a savoury dish and a sweet bake too.  We are flexible with what we can offer – here are a couple of examples; Pizza Calzone & S’mores Cheesecake, Burgers & Caramel Brownies, Spaghetti with Meatballs & Triple Chocolate Cookies…….. We can discuss requirements at the time.  The party lasts 2 ½ hours with the teens eating their main and taking the sweet part home.  This party costs £20.00 per head.


Please just drop us an email hello@oakwoodcookery.co.uk and we can discuss dates and options, we do run the parties around our class bookings so please get in touch the sooner the better to get the date you are after.