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When you first visit us at Oakwood Cookery School you will be greeted with a large wooden chalet style building which houses Riverside Kitchens on the floor below.  Enter through the main door and make your way around all the beautiful kitchen displays and then head upstairs where our all singing and all dancing cookery school lives in the converted ballroom area.

Upon entering the cookery school you will receive a warm welcome from our host who will provide you with chef whites and an apron to complete your masterchef look.  Everyone congregates around the huge island at the front where the chef will begin the session.  There is a maximum of 12 students per class which works great with the chef being able to help or praise the students as required.  We offer an array of various courses, most of them are suitable for all levels of cookery as the chef demonstrates all the dishes with the students being hands on doing various dishes.

Each student has their own work station with a hob and oven to share between two.  All ingredients are weighed out prior to the class happening, and our cleaning fairy also does all the dishes – which always results in the students wanting to take her home as it makes cooking even more pleasurable with no dishes to do.

We aim to make the classes relaxed and informal whilst still passing on lots of skills, tips and knowledge from our chefs, don’t feel intimated our chefs leave their ego’s at the door – it’s not Hell’s Kitchen here.

Each class has its full description of the dishes being made and what they students are hands on making, it is always a good idea to take along a tub as there is usually always goodies to take home.  We have so many repeat students coming along to various classes, which is always so lovely to see.

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